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"Attention please. Burton's 2012 movie, Standing Sideways, is proven to increase sick airness by 13% when watched as directed on a TV, computer, or approved mobile electronic device. That's why riders everywhere should Stand Sideways at all times."


Kazuhiro Kokubo FULL PART

The Final Teaser

Teaser 2

Announcement Teaser

Update : It appears Burton have chosen to make this video private, which is a real shame. One of our favourites of the year. Why Burton, why? It has therefore been removed.

Standing Sideways Soundtrack
KazuKazu Kokubo,The TowerAngelAmazoniTunes
Mark SollersMark Sollers,PowermanKinksAmazoniTunes
Jeremy JonesJeremy Jones,Gimme DangerThe StoogesAmazoniTunes
Alex AndrewsAlex Andrews,Nowhere to RunMartha Reeves and the VandellasAmazoniTunes
Zak HaleZak Hale,Nowhere to RunMartha Reeves and the VandellasAmazoniTunes
EthanEthan Deiss,Nowhere to RunMartha Reeves and the VandellasAmazoniTunes
Mikey RenczMikey Rencz,SerenadeSteve MillerAmazoniTunes
Danny DavisDanny Davis,Jack Mitrani,Foreplay/LongtimeBostonAmazoniTunes
Mikkel BangMikkel Bang,Foreplay/LongtimeBostonAmazoniTunes
SeppeSeppe Smits,Foreplay/LongtimeBostonAmazoniTunes
Charles ReidCharles Reid,Foreplay/LongtimeBostonAmazoniTunes
McMorrisMark McMorris,Foreplay/LongtimeBostonAmazoniTunes
TerjeTerje Haakonsen,ShadowplayJoy DivisionAmazoniTunes
KeeganKeegan Valaika,FredJames GangAmazoniTunes
JussiJussi Oksanen,Under PressureQueen and David BowieAmazoniTunes
CreditsStephan Maurer,Nicolas Muller,More than A FeelingBostonAmazoniTunes
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