Pathology: A Movie About Snowboarding and Humans.

Bryan Fox and Austin Smith's Drink Water movie, Pathology: A Movie About Snowboarding and Humans is now available to watch and download. This film is a whole lot of fun, very raw, and features one of the most impressive sled cliff drops you have ever seen. (At 14:09)

Full soundtrack after the jump. Pathology: A Movie About Snowboarding and Humans

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Drinkwater's Pathology

"Austin Smith and Bryan Fox, along with storytelling lensman Liam Gallagher partnered to produce a film based on the type of snowboarding they wanted to do, with the crew they wanted to do it with." Pathology.

"A movie about snowboarding and humans" Pathology

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Antti Autti's Approach and Attack - full film

Another great free film to get you stoked for winter... Antti Autti (and friends) has released his two year backcountry documentary project, Approach and Attack.

Full soundtrack after the jump Approach and Attack

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Nitro 2014 team movie, The Bad Seeds - free to watch

After a brief preview last week, the full edit has now dropped for The Bad Seeds.

Full soundtrack after the jump - The Bad Seeds

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Absinthe Films' Heavy Mental full soundtrack

We have the full (and very varied) soundtrack to Heavy Mental right after the jump.

Full soundtrack here Heavy Mental

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Approach and Attack, Antti in the trees

To build the hype for the full edit of Approach and Attack, here is Antti Autti's tree riding footage from winter 2013 whilst filming.

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Approach and Attack teaser 2014

Antti Autti's 2014 teaser for Approach and Attack. This is a two year globetrotting backcountry project and it looks incredible.

Final cut drops this Autumn

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The Bad Seeds - full soundtrack by part

The Bad Seeds has been on 24 hour premier on the Red Bull channel, and we recommend you check it out, even if you need to buy it. Full sound track by part after the jump.

the-bad-seeds capture 1

Nitro Team Manager Knut Eliassen does his part

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Mark McMorris Full Part - Burton Presents

Part 3 of Burton Presents with Mark McMorris

Full series so far including parts with Jeremy Jones, Mikkel Bang, Jussi Oksanen and Mikey Rencz can be found here - Burton Presents.

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Grindhouse - Hallucinate Full Film

The UK scene primarily revolves around snow domes, and a result there is no shortage of rail riding talent. Grindhouse's UK crew hits the road with this urban focused movie. Full film free below.

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